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Legend:  spicy spicy  

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Chicken Devil Spicy

A traditional favourite; Lightly deep fried chicken, onion sweet peppers,...
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Green Curry Chicken Spicy

A popular green curry with chicken, fresh basil & vegetables Hot & Sp...
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Cashew Nut Chicken Spicy

Sauteed slices of chicken breast with roasted cashews, sweet peppers, onion...
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Basil Chicken Spicy

Chicken with sweet basil leaves,garlic, sweet pepper, broccoli & chili...
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Red Curry Chicken Spicy

Chicken in red curry sauce with snow peas, sweet peppers, bamboo shoots,...
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Mango Chicken Spicy

A traditional favourite; Lightly deep fried chicken with slices of fresh...
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Sweet & Sour Chicken

Chicken with tomato, cucumber, sweet peppers, mango, marinated with our...
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Golden Curry Chicken Spicy

Spicy chicken in a golden curry sauce with potatoes, snow peas, bok choy,...
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Marinated Grilled Chicken

Chicken marinated with garlic & special Thai spices, grilled & served with...
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Chicken with Green Vegetables

Chicken breast with assorted green vegetables
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Malay Curry Chicken Spicy

Coconut curry chicken with onion, potato, broccoli, sweet pepper & eggplant Hot...
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Coconut Mango Chicken

Deep fried chicken with coconut, fresh mango, baby corn, carrot & sweet...
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Orange Chicken

Lightly deep fried chicken with fresh orange, sweet peppers & carrots
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Ginger Chicken Spicy

Sliced chicken breast with shredded ginger, mushroom, sweet pepper & onions Hot...
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Chicken Spicy Eggplant Spicy

Stir fried eggplant with chicken, fragrant basil leaves, broccoli, sweet...